By liamcollins May 24, 2020 In General

A Voice in the Design Community Chorus

Hey everyone, welcome to my site and thanks for visiting!

Why am I starting a blog, I hear you say? One word; self-improvement (it’s deeeeefinitely one word, no need to check). The old adage of “you never truly know a subject until you teach it” is – for me at least – completely true.

I became a Design Lecturer back in 2016 at University of South Wales (big up the USWGC massive). When I worked full time in industry, of course I lived and loved design. But now, teaching and talking about it all day, every day with young designers starting out on their own journeys, leaves me with an even greater (and ever growing) love of my already-well-loved field.

I firmly believe that immersing yourself in something makes you better at it. Alongside working as a freelance UX/UI Designer, I read a lot about design, go to talks about design (the Cardiff Design community rocks btw), listen to a lot of design podcasts… you get the picture. I believe surrounding myself with these sort of things really swells my love of design and consequently makes me a better designer. It’s a bit like taking a bath in Design.

So here I am, adding my voice to the design community chorus. Just a place to share some cool things I’ve found, learnt or experienced – to help me improve. Of course, there’s a very small chance that you might find some of it interesting too (and if you don’t, that’s cool too – is better anyway).

Cheers for now, Liam

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